Yesterday We Saw Us Later | Newmann One Shot


Title: Yesterday We Saw Us Later

Rating: T

Characters: Newton Geiszler, Hermann Gottlieb, Herc Hansen

Pairings: Newton/Hermann

Summary: Newton and Hermann walk in on Newton and Hermann.

Warning: None really.

Genre: Romance, Humor

"lf to it, you have to be very thoughtful and have to plan. When you’re starting out, you’re willing to do anything".

Anyone who’s ever going to find his way in this world, has to start by admitting he doesn’t know…

sherlock; unaired pilot → three colours

You really have got a lid on it, haven’t you? What’s your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?


oh, you like pacific rim? I love that movie, the way they just [clenches fist] rim all those pacifics


Orion Nebula

This isn’t the age of spies. This is not even the age of heroes. This is the age of miracles… and there’s nothing more horrifying than miracles. 


all united-statians making a fuss over hallowhat when we have all the month dedicated to this delicatessen


happy mes morado suckers

doña pepa keepin it real